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Ben Tamari (Benjamin Ephraim; בן תמרי)  was born in Jerusalem 1942, grew up in a village, served in the IDF, worked for his living as an economist for the government, and has been living in Jerusalem since 1964. He is married to Victoria (Dror) and they have a daughter, Rina (Tamari-Burshtain), and a son, Ori. He studied Economics and Philosophy. The thesis of his first book Ecometry - Foundations of Economics, was presented as a PhD thesis at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Lea and Elhanan Tamari Elhanan, Achsah, Otniel and Ben Tamari Ben Efraim Tamari   בנימין אפרים תמרי
Ben's father, Elhanan, and mother, Leah (Libson-Tietler) ● Elhanan, Achsah, Otniel and Ben ● Ben (1995).

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Ben Tamari Publications: Published by: Ecometry Ltd.

(1990). "Foundations of Economics." Hebrew.

Foundations of Economics

Abstract: This book proposes a new way to explain and forecast economic processes. We know that forecasting in a conservative system may be done well (just like in energy and weather systems, the more closed the system, the better the forecasting). An autonomous economic system (i.e., a country) is a conservative system in Keynes space, defined as an output-money space (i.e., a market).



(1995). "Dynamic Economy." Hebrew.

Dynamic Economy

Abstract: A conservative system in which rates are linearly related is a symmetric system. Symmetry dictates that the inflation rate equals the money-printing rate minus the growth rate. An empirical study of 45 countries between the years 1960 and 1993 verifies the principles of both conservation and symmetry. Tamari's theories enable good economic forecasting through formulating 'motion equations' (derived from the Lagrangian function) and their solutions (Lorentz transformations), based on the conservation and symmetry principles as described in his books.



(1997). "Conservation and Symmetry Laws and Stabilization Programs in Economics." English.

Conservation and Symmetry Laws and Stabilization Programs in Economics

Abstract: An autonomous economic system, i.e., a country, tends to be a conservative and a symmetrical system in Keynes space (Output, Money and Time [Ot, Mt ; t]), and can therefore be represented as a complex numbers system. This presentation makes it possible to aggregate (or disaggregate) the system at all levels, from the individual to the most general aggregate (and vice versa). It also offers a simultaneous solution to the problem of allocating and distributing useful resources in the market.




(2005). "Eco - Economic Simulator." softwaree.

Tamari attractor

Abstract: Eco - Economic Simulator software - an application of the Tamari attractor - enables the study of a country's economy. The software performs a simulation of the country's economy: analysis, planning, prediction and comparison with other nations' economies, based on data in International Financial Statistics (IMF) for the years 1960-2011 for 26 select countries.



Here is my Exel page EcoSite2013 [for those who young enough to take the mission ahead.]


Articles (English), Published by "The Economic Quarterly," Israel.

(1981). "Cycles, Prices and Quantities in the Israel Housing Market - Cobweb Model."   Updated March 2011.

(1983). "Gresham's Law."  Updated November 2011.

(1985). "Anatomy of a Tragedy."   Updated July 2012.

(2014)."Tamari Attractor."


Articles (Hebrew)

(1981). "Cycles, Prices and Quantities In the Israel Housing Market - Cobweb Model."   Updated March 2011

(1983). "Gresham's Law."   Updated November 2011

(1985). "Anatomy of a Tragedy."   Updated July 2012

(1986). "Theoretical and Empirical Inflation."

(1990). "Why Is There No Growth in Israel?"

(1993). "Chaos and Stocks - Review."   Updated June 2011

(1994). "Chaos in Economics."


Surveys (Hebrew)

(1981). Patinkin and the Chicago School

(1983). Money and Freedom

(1984). Is Everything is Psychology?

(1984). All that You Wanted to Say, But Don't Dare

(1985). Security and Economics in Israel

(1987). Success That is a Failure

(1989). Keynes and Batra


Under a pseudonym with a political economic flavor, Ori Benjamin (Hebrew, *.PDF).

(1981). We Don't Want to Go On Sleeping but to Have Fun

(1981). The Cashier is Open and the Hand is Writing

(1982). Bubbles: New Innovations in Economics

(1984). Facing Reality

(1989). Three Mistakes


Responses to articles  תגובות למאמרים  (*.PDF).

(2009 - 2018). Responses English

(2003 - 2015). תגובות 1 Hebrew

(2016 - 2017). תגובות 2 Hebrew

(2018 - 2019).  3 תגובות Hebrew

(2019). רחל אליאור Hebrew. Rachel Elior (2018) "Grandmother did not Know to Read and Write", Carmel.  רחל אליאור "סבתא לא ידעה קרוא וכתוב" 2018 הוצאת כרמל





My Fragments - From My Personal Point of View - The Complete List:


MF1:  Fractals relate to attractors like cobblestones in roads.   Added 1 January 2000.


MF2:  The Pythagorean Theorem: a2 + b2 = c2 is the seed;  Einstein's Formula: E = MC2 is the tree.
                 In the spirit of Friedrichs (1965). "From Pythagoras to Einstein," MAA.   Added 10 July 2000.


MF3:   Fractalization of the Language I.   Added 21 April 2002.

A word is worth a thousand ...?

"A picture is worth a thousand words," as the old saying goes,  Mathematica and Politica                                 
     but sometimes: One good sentence is worth a thousand pictures.
     For example: "A picture is worth a thousand words" (like a Mobius strip).

A metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.

An allegory is worth a thousand metaphors.

A ? is worth a thousand allegories.



MF4:  Evolution of form is birth and death, construction and destruction, trial and error  ... 
             forever, but accompanied by a self-correcting mechanism/feedback.  
Added 1 January 2003.


MF5:  The clever know the past - the wise understand the future.   Added 30 April 2007.


MF6:  Consumption and publication are physical and mental pollutions - avoid them.   Added 30 April 2007.


MF7:   Globalization + Computerization = Tsunamization.   Added 9 October 2008.


MF8:   A metaphor is a bridge from the known to the unknown.   In the spirit of Ariston.   Added 7 March 2009.


MF9:  Fractals and chaos is like sewing and cooking.   Added 28 March 2009.


MF10:   Fractalization of the Language II.   Added 15 November 2009.

"Between any two 'points' in a set of points" or numbers, words, sentences, paragraphs, thoughts, etc.,
"we can put another point" or numbers, words, sentences, paragraphs, thoughts, etc.,
and if the set is not big enough, we can add another 'point.'

Georg Cantor and Kurt Gödel used this to prove their theorems. Of course, the trick is not just to add another 'point,' numbers, words, sentences, paragraphs, thoughts, etc., but to find a new one.

Wislawa Szymborska (2005) "Colon": "The nightmare of the poet" (trans. by Deena Land, 15 July 2010)

"An allocated number of words. Never a needless one.
Meaning - no poetry.
And no philosophy and no religion.


MF11:  Collectivization and privatization are crimes against humanity.   Added 24 July 2010.


MF12:  A metaphor is a harpoon thrown from the known into the unknown.   Added 7 August 2010.


MF13:  Mathematics is the poetry of science and poetry is the mathematics of literature.   Added 10 August 2010.


MF14:  Mathematics is a simple way to say the complicated and poetry is a complicated way to say the simple.  Added 10 August 2010.


MF15:  Poetry is dreaming while awake.   Added 10 August 2010.


MF16:   Life is an infinite/impossible mission;  death is a finite/possible mission.
               For God/Nature it is the other way around.  
Added 10 August 2010.


MF17: Our words are the clothes for our soul , and our clothes are the words of our body.   Added 10 August 2010.


MF18:  A good metaphor is the cornerstone of a new theory.   Added 20 August 2010.


MF19:  He who takes the high road reaches far.    Added 14 October 2011 


MF20:  Words are clouds and mathematics is the rain.    Added 12 March 2012.


MF21: Give me a nail and I will hang my God.   In the spirit of Archimedes.   Added 1 August 2013.


MF22:  When the money illusion stops, Gresham's Law start to operate.   Added 28 July 2014.


MF23:  Behind every point there exist a whole universe,
                  to understand the universe you need to understand the point.   Added 25 January 2015.


MF24:   Life is a replacing of dreams by memories.                 לחיות זה להמיר חלומות בזכרונות.   Added 1 April 2015.


MF25:   The Earth revolves around the sun and the man revolves around his money.
                The man doesn't moves his money but his money moves him.    
Added 23 April 2015.
                .הארץ נעה סביב השמש והאדם נע סביב כספו. אין האדם מגלגל כספו אלא כספו מגלגל אותו


MF26:   Economics is physics with pricing or physics is economics without pricing.   Added 26 April 2015.


MF27:   Mathematics is throwing a stone into a well and then needing to prove that the stone is inside the well.
                   The problem begins when the well is the world and the thrower is God.   Added 11 May 2015.
                    .מתמטיקה זה לזרוק אבן לבאר ולהוכיח כי האבן בתוך הבאר, הבעייה היא כאשר הבאר היא העולם והזורק הוא האל


MF28:   "If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter ." Unanimous.
                  I need more time to think so I can write less.   Added 19 May 2015. 


MF29:  You can’t understand Nature without Mathematics but you can understand Math. without Nature.   Added 10 August 2015  


MF30:  Chaos is order mixed up in time machine.    Added 27 March  2017.  


N MF31: .רוב הפרדוקסים שאנו עוסקים בהם בתרבות האנושית מקורם בטבעות-מוביוס שביכולת מוחנו לייצר בעיקר בענייני לשון ושפה    Added 7 Dec.  2019.





Ben's Photos

The painter Mark Rothko said: "The only thing I care about is the expression of man's basic emotions..."

In the same spirit, I try to express mood in my pictures.



IndeaArchitectureArchitectureArchitecture/ArchitectureArchitecture ArchitectureArchitecture







flowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflowerEchinopsis Spachiana




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curiositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriosityHeterochromia catcuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriositycuriosity








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Short movies of Water Patterns. Video: Ben Tamari, Music: Mordechai Cohen

SwirlWater LightWater FlawWater Gold lineswater ringWater StarsWater Flaw
Double Swirl            ● Moonlight on Water   ● Water Flow ● Water Gold Lines ● Water Patterns ● Water Stars         ● Water Interference